Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Happens Next

     Next on our agenda for me is to wait until I turn eighteen so I can volunteer at Haven. Home for Girls. We contacted them and they were so excited for us to start, but it turns out you had to be eighteen or already work their to volunteer. I thought that was a little strange, but it's okay. Since we got turned down, I'm thinking of starting a blog for teen moms. It will sort of be like this blog, but I want to encourage the moms that things will get better and the sun will shine. Waiting until I am eighteen is a few years away, so maybe by the time I am eighteen, my story will be out and I will already be helping out the teen moms. This is something I really was to peruse in my life, it just means so much to me and I know it would mean a lot to my mom as well.
     The one thing I would like to do is to start a blog to encourage the teen moms. Encourage them that it will be okay and having a child is such a great experience, but if adoption is right for them, I would not want my blog to encourage them to keep the baby, if it is not the right time. The mother has to do what she thinks is right. With my blog, I just want to help the mothers who don't have the help, so they can get the education they deserve. The only thing that might be a struggle along the way is getting people to find my blog and know they have support. Everyday, people pretend to be someone they are not, so I will have to make sure they are not pretending to be a fake teen mother.
This is something I want to pursue later on in life, it it does not work out anytime soon, because it means so much to me, and effects thousands of people each and every day.
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Everything happens for a reason

The research I've done the passed few weeks can help others who share the same passion as me. If someone else likes children and doesn't exactly know how to turn that into a career, my paper can help them by showing the steps I took. Or if someone who is stuck between two career options, my compare and contrast paper will help them look at their careers in two different ways. Hopefully by the time they are done reading it, I have helped them with deciding on which career is best for them. One other way my paper could help others, is awarding them that there are jobs out there that match your passion, that are in high demand. The only though part is that you have to search for them, but once you have you open up yours eyes and notice the job that is perfect for yourself. By doing this research paper, all I want to do is let people know that if love children and want to pursue it as a career, then there are jobs out there. By reading my paper people will be able to understand that just because both jobs deal with children, they are two different jobs.
      Over the passed few weeks, my partner and I have contacted Haven Home for Girls again to make sure they had gotten our email. Laura replied in saying that the supervisor who was supposed to get back to us left, so she was glad we contacted her again. After my partner and I had agreed on a date to call her we did! We had spoken with a lady named Darla, who was in charge of the volunteering at Haven Home. My partner and I talked to Darla about who we were, what we wanted to do, what dates would be most efficient for us to help and why we are doing this. Darla replied in saying that our age might be a little bit too young to volunteer but she thinks we will be able too, so she talked to the person in charge and it turns out that you have to be 18 to volunteer or you already have to work there. I think I was the mosted bumbed because this was something I truly wanted to do, but to show my support for them I am going to wrap up some of my little sisters clothes and toys and give them to Haven Home as Christmas presents. I am also going to write the a letter to say that when I am old enough I am going to volunteer and that I will keep in touch with them. Over the next few weeks, my partner and I will be trying to figure out our next steps. We thought about talking to our guidance councler, but my partner thought that might be a little bit weird because that girl would go to our school. So we will probably keeping looking for a local orginization, or maybe make up another blog. We could specifically write to teen moms! But it is a shame that it didn't workout with Haven Home now, but we have to remember things happen for a reason.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Professional Opportunities

The professional opportunities that are available for me to pursue my passion are being a social worker or being a teacher. Both of these career choices would be great for me because I could see myself working as both, but I can't do both. I found one that has more possibilities for me, but I just can't see myself working as that. I also found a career option that might not have as many routes for me and it might be hard to find a set job, but it's the job I always said I was going to be. I have such a hard decision to make.
     The first job I looked at was being a social worker, before we started researching I had no idea what a social worker does. I found out that you can talk to people, help others and help them in many ways. I thought that would be great, I could be a social worker who lives in a big house where teen moms stay and talk to them. I was so excited until I figured out that most of the time someone has to employ you, like a school, or a nursing home. So I kept thinking, maybe a home where the girls stay could hire me. I was so wishy- washy the whole time, I just kept repeating, "This would be great, but I don't think this is something I want to do for the rest of my life." One other thing I saw on the "National Association of Social Workers" website was that many people who work for the Red Cross are professional social workers, but that doesn't have to do both helping teen moms. As you can see, there are many options I could take if I wanted to pursue this career. I then went onto opinion number two.
     The other opinion I had was to become a teacher, but not just any teacher, a teacher for teen moms kids. I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was little. My family would always ask me what I wanted to be and I would say a teacher. So I put my wanting to be a teacher with helping teen moms and I got this, I will teach teen moms kids. I thought this was a brilliant idea. Everyone says teachers don't make a lot of money, but right now, at my age I don't care. I just want to have a job that I love to do and have fun with it. I started researching and I didn't really come across any teaching positions like I wanted. They were all for schools or other organizations. Nothing caught my eye, so I thought of teaching at Haven Home for Girls or a place like that, I'm sure any place like that would love the help! The only thing I'm worried about is that it will be too hard to find a job, and what if that isn't a real career choice.
     In the end I think I'm going to research about being a teacher because it is something I love and something I always wanted to do. I still think being a social worker would be fun, I just can't see myself going to college for that. No matter what I decide to become later it will be a job that I love and it will help others. We can and will change teens moms lives!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

A lesson of a life time

     This 20 time project has had its ups and downs, but after all my partner and I have learned one major lesson. The lesson we learned is that things aren’t always in our favor and won't work out the way we want them too. This lesson is so important to us because we've had to go many routes since we started this. We first contacted Lauren, but she has never gotten back to us even though we contacted tried to contact her four times. That is one example of how things don't always work out in your favor, if I was her, I would love help from others. I guess she wasn't interested so when we were pitching our project, we kind of left out how she never got back to us. I look back and think we should've mentioned it a little bit more because we've grown from that. It wasn't like this whole time we were waiting for her to get back to us, we've been looking around for other opinions.
     This lesson has just made my partner and I stronger, we will grow from this and this will help us complete our project. Next time is something doesn't work out in our favor, we will do it differently, we have to look at all the perspectives. We would say, "Was it a great idea to start with," or "If we were in someone's shoes would we want them to do what we are doing?" Maybe that's what we were missing this whole time, maybe Laura doesn't need our help. No matter what we have to overcome, my partner and I will get through it and we will make a difference in our community!
     The lesson that we've learned isn't the only one, we had many lessons and they are just making us stronger. At first, when my teacher said we have to find something that is obvious to is, but something other people might think is amazing, I was stumped. I learned that with some help, you can overcome anything. Look how far my whole class, and I have come since day one. If one thing doesn't work out, the next time I just want to make it work and show people I am not a quitter. This is a lesson that everyone needs to see, if you get stuck at first, don't quite because you are only at strong as your weakest player, if one person in my class gave up from the start we would've never gotten this far. Learning lessons is important in everyone's lives it just makes you a stronger person, and always remember you are only as strong as your weakest player, so never give up!

(Our Pitch Day tri-fold)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day, What a great experience

     Pitch Day was such a great experience for my partner and I. To start off, getting up in front of the class was a little bit scary, but after we did it we were fine. I just stood back to think that we are not the only ones scared. Surprisingly, getting up in front of the class was more scarier than doing it in front of the parents and the administration. We were just so surprised to see how many people thought our idea was brilliant, and we should go on with it to make a change in our community. One man asked us if we personally knew any teen moms. My partner and I looked at each other, both thinking no. We didn't want to come out and say no because that is what our project is about, teen moms. We finally answered his question with a no. The man went on the say that his twenty year old son just became a father and he said that him and his wife are helping him out a lot! That was something positive that we wanted to hear, that they know a teen parent, and they are getting the help they deserve. By him asking us if we personally knew many teen moms, it really got to me. Afterwards, I thought, “It’s okay if we don’t know any know, but in a month or two we will get to know a lot of teen moms. Also, it’s okay that we said no, it is how we learn. We are still processing on how we are going to find the moms.”
     One thing we learned while doing Pitch Day was, our first idea may not always work out. A lady asked us exactly how we would find the teen moms. we then replied in saying how we found Haven Home for Girls, but we also mentioned how nobody got back to us yet. The lady suggested we talk to our guidance counselor. She thought maybe they would help us find any teen moms in our school, or just some help on where to find the mothers. My partner and I really put that thought into consideration, we can talk to your guidance counselor but still go to Haven Home for Girls, it would just be another way to help the moms! This was just a great experience for us, we grew so much coming to this point, but we are going to grow so much more. I honestly feel, this is going to change our student experiences forever, we are doing something to help ourselves and others, not because we have to, but because we want to!
Haven Home for Girls (deeper look for how they help)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Learning Experience

By doing this project, I learned that I really have a passion for helping people. I would never want anyone to go through being a single teen mom like my mom. I want to change teens lives forever and make a difference in the world. I also want to show other people that having a baby so young is hard, but you can get through it. In this project, my work ethic is determination. My partner and I are determined to make a change in teen mom’s lives, but their children's lives, as well. We took a lot of our time outside of class to work on this project and we have come really far.
     One major struggle we had while working on this project was finding an organization that needed and wanted our help. There were many to pick from but they were far away, one was in Chicago and the other was in Philly. If they were that far away, we couldn't get our message across. We finally found one close to home, it is called Haven Home for Girls. It took us quite awhile to find an organization and then we called. She sounded very interested in our help, so we emailed her. Hopefully she gets back to us soon but no one ever got back to us soon. The easiest thing in this project was picking a topic. I wanted to make a change, and I thought of my mom. I know how many teens go through this and don't have the help to get through it. That's where I come in to help the mothers. One problem my partner and I overcame was actually sitting down and think what we wanted to do with our topic. There were many routes we could've taken, but we finally decided to babysit the children so the mothers can do their school work. In the long run, we will make a difference for not only the mother’s life but the babies life too!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Contacting the Authority

My partner and I contacted Haven Home for Girls this weekend. On the website, we found a phone number to the organization, so we called. A lady named Laura answer the phone and she said that she wasn't at work at this time, but we could still talk to her. My partner started off by saying who we were and what we wanted from her organization. We said that we would like to volunteer and she replied in saying that, "That would be great." We then went on to tell her our story for why we were doing this, but in the middle of us telling her, she said to just email her. As you could've guessed, we did leave an email. In our email, we stated who we were and that we were from. central York High School. We stated that we were interested in volunteering at the home. I also added in how my mother was a teen mom and she dropped out of school because of it, and how my dad passed away, so she was a single, drop out mom. I would never want any other person to go through the same things my mom had gone through. Hopefully she replies soon, and I hope she tells us that she wants our help!
      I've learned a lot of new tips by doing this part of the assignment. I first learned that it is a little bit scary the first time you try to call, so always be prepared. I did call and I was going to speak but I froze, so I hung up. After, I felt so bad that I hung up, so I went to my partner's house house and we called together. In the middle of my partner introducing who we were, she started to crack up. I felt so unprofessional, so another thing I learned is that you need to take this seriously. If, by any needs, we need to call again we will hopefully be more ready and I need to face my fears. At this time, we do not need to do any problem solving at this time, I just hope Lauren contacts us back soon, if she doesn't I'm not sure what we are going to do.